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 ITEM: Vulcan Toy Sewing Machine  REFERENCE NUMBER: 1705041
 HI Aaron
 My Vulcan arrived today!  It looks just fine and I know I'll enjoy having it in my collection of toy  sewing machines. 
 Thanks for such a good packing job.
 Sue Franklin

Dear Aaron,
ITEM: Victorian Lace Blouse

I received the 3 items today 9/23/05,so pretty . Thank you  Kiyoko Asanuma
Thank you,

Dear Aaron,
I am so sorry to respond so late, but your package of fabric arrived safely and quickly!  I bought it to use it and now when I look at it I have a hard time taking a pair of scissors to it.
Thank you for your quick service and for answering all my questions.  Your  patience was much appreciated!

Best Regards,

You are so right, a fabriholic!  That is exactly what I am although I never heard of that oh so fitting term.  Well, I purchased the fabric for a specific commission to do a Willie Wonka 2005 outfit for a BJD (Asian Ball Jointed Doll) so I have to use it.  But if there is not enough left over to make one for myself, I will buy some more.   It really took me several weeks to find this fabric in this scale for my needs.
Thanks for laugh today!  I really needed that!

Thanks again for the fabric.
Best Regards,

 Schusters Christmas Coloring Book
hello aaron,
recieved the coloring book yesterday!  looks super!  many thanks for a super,  smooth transaction!  Thanks.
joe copersmith 

Walt Disney's Hiawatha, Linen-Like Children's Book
Reference Number: CB122
Hello Aaron,

Just a note to let you know that I received the book today am very pleased at the care you took to see that it was shipped securely.  It is a nice book and appreciate how fast it got here.
Thanks again.
Bernard Greenberg

Vintage Fabric, 1900's  REFERENCE NUMBER: 45_710
Hi Aaron -
Just wanted to let you know that I received the fabric yesterday - it is just gorgeous. Thank you so much.
- Shauna Nickoletti